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Understanding the Multi-Disciplinary Approach to optimising Tailored Health Services for you

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

You are going to have to bear with me here! This is an ambitious blog, as I attempt to explain how each profession contributes to the overall picture of your Health and Wellbeing.

Many patients will not really know why they go to a physiotherapist over a personal trainer or why nutrition and mental health is important. They will often just go to one discipline to sort out the whole problem.

The truth is each profession plays its part and should each be considered as an adjunct to a multi-disciplinary approach.


So how can I best explain this approach to you? I think the best way is to imagine that we are all like cars (I told you, you’d need to bear with me). If you consider the following it all makes sense.

Personal trainers help with your cardiovascular system and external musculature, which is like your engine and body work.

Physiotherapy helps with your flexibility (steering, car agility), stability (suspension), coordination (wheel alignment) and balance (tyre pressure).

Psychotherapy helps your brain which is like the car computer system in charge of cruise control, ABS and the lane change warning system.

Nutrition helps ensure the fuel you put into the system is suited to your lifestyle.

Going to the correct gym classes will ensure you aren’t over revving or causing damage to your suspension or body work.

Pharmacy is like a fuel additive which helps with your engine and overall performance.

Past Medical History is like your past MOTs, service history and insurance claims. You would never buy a car without it, so it’s important when looking at future assurances.

The Fit2go BodyScreen advises on all these area’s and encourages collaborative working within these sectors to keep you fit, healthy and happy year on year.

We have an MOT every year to check all this is working correctly to prevent an accident. So why don’t we do it for ourselves?


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