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The most important start to your journey is an accurate 'Diagnosis',

we have options for straight forward injuries and complex injuries.


(£52 - 30 mins)

We use standard tests used in musculoskeletal practice to diagnose your problem. We have years of experience so this is the first point of call for the majority of injuries. We often move onto treatment

in the first session.

diagnostic ultrasound image

(£79 - 30 mins)

This service is for more complex cases or for cases that have not responded to conservative treatment. This service is run by our Consultant Physiotherapists who use ultrasound imaging along with specialist testing to aid their diagnosis. They also have access to MRI imaging and perform specialist procedures if required.

Performing Surgery

(£180 - 30 mins)

Sometimes conservative treatment fails and the best course of action is surgical intervention. We have in house orthopedic consultants to talk you through the next steps with links to Spire, The Park and Woodthorpe Hospital. All your pre and post surgical rehabilitation will be done at Fit2Go for the best possible outcome.


It's then important to select the correct 'Treatment' based on your accurate diagnosis.

We have treatments for sudden pain all the way to long term pain. 


(£52 - 30 mins)

This treatment involves a variety of hands-on treatment methods to help relieve pain and restore function to the joint or soft tissue. This includes massage, passive stretching, traction, joint mobilisations, manipulations and K-taping where appropriate.


(£52 - 30 mins)

Acupuncture is great for acute pain relief and inflammation as well as long term pain particularly driven by anxiety. This treatment can aid rehabilitation and restore mobility to a variety of joints.

Sports Massage

(£45 - 30 mins £65 -1hr)

This treatment is for tight muscles and helps restore tissue health by breaking down knots in the muscle to restore function and relieve pain.


Sometimes your injury doesn't respond to conservative treatment and we need to use a more specialist treatment to help you with your pain.

Tecar Therapy image representing Tecar Therapy service

(£72 - 30 mins)

Commonly used in Elite Sport this technology is now at the Fit2Go Clinic. This technology creates a diathermic effect that speeds up healing and metabolism of cells for healing twice as fast as massage alone.

Injection Therapy

(£250 - £399)

Injection Therapy is a great way of helping with inflammation as well as regenerating joint. We have a variety of injection therapies suitable for a variety of injuries and conditions. All injections are done using ultrasound guidance for improved accuracy. 

Shockwave Therapy

(£72 - 30 mins)

This treatment is now the gold standard for any chronic tendon injuries that contain excessive ‘scar tissue’ that is limiting function and causes pain. Shockwave Therapy instantly strips away the scar tissue allowing the tendon to regenerate.

Tailored Meds service

(£30 - £50 depending on package)

This service is exclusive to Fit2Go and utilises complex algorithms that look at the exact mechanisms of your pain and then designs a medication package tailored to your injury. This results in improved outcomes and reduces over medication. The medication can be collected from your local pharmacy on the same day.

Once we have tackled your pain it's time to focus on the main cause of your symptoms.

This often involves looking for muscle imbalances by closely assessing the strength and function of important muscles. We use the latest technology to help us with this.

Physio Rehabilitation

(£52 - 30 mins)

We can design tailored exercise programmes based on the main cause of your injury. We use the latest ‘Telehab’ system with video tutorials and monitoring features to help with efficacy and adherence.

Force Decks Physio Rehab

(£52 - 30 mins)

This technology helps us to assess and monitor responses to treatment. This helps us guide you to a quick recovery. The technology is also used in our ‘Team Screen’ service.

Footscan Monitoring physio rehab

(£52 - 30 mins)

A lot of injury’s start from the feet as the way you walk or stand says a lot about how much load you place on your muscles and joints. This technology is used alongside treatment and rehabilitation to monitor improvement. It is also integrated within our ‘Body Screen.’


Everyone has heard of the saying 'Prevention is better than a cure', but how can you prevent an injury? We have spent the last 9 years building exclusive technology to answer that question. We have services to help prevent day to day injuries all the way to injuries

caused in high performance activity.

Body Screen for Health & Lifestyle

(£149 - 60 mins)

The Body Screen is our 'signature service' that looks at how well your Body can take your Health and Lifestyle and gives advice and exercises as unique as you on how to reduce injury.

Team Screen for tracking sports results

(£39 - 15 mins)

Team Screen is a quick screening service tailored around a specific sport or workforce. It's features allow for mass tracking and monitoring of team members and staff to improve their well-being.

Once all your muscle imbalances are corrected it's now time to strengthen and condition them to launch you towards the peak of your physical fitness.

Here's how we do it...


(£125 for 1hr)

Our tailored conditioning program's utilise our unique software as well as the latest Elite Level technology to optimise your performance and condition you to your specific sport or activity. Prepare to get to the best physical shape of your life. 

Intense Training

Check out our Performance Conditioning Packages. We utilise our unique software as well as the latest Elite Level technology to optimise your performance and condition you to your specific sport or activity. They are designed to optimise results over an 8 week period.

Virtual Personal Training image

(£40 for 1hr)

Can't visit our clinic? No problem we can deliver your personal training session virtually at a time that suits you! This can even be delievered in small group sessions. Clever stuff!


Finally it's time to really look after your Body and Mind which will help you feel better as well as look better. Our wellness services range from psychotherapy to nutritional advice, podietry and womens health

Psychological Support Fit2Go Nottingham


We understand the impact that the mind has on the Body and often by treating the mind this helps offload the Body which leads to an improvement in fitness and overall wellbeing. We have a variety of services available which are facilitated by the screening.

Nutritional Advice Fit2Go Nottingham


Do you ever think how you are fueling your Body? Can this be improved? The chances are it can and this will improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. The advice given is facilitated by the results of the screening

Hypnotherapy Fit2Go Nottingham


Sometimes there are barriers to performance and recovery. Hypnotherapy can help address the unconscious drivers of these and bring them to light to overcome the barriers

Physcotherapy for a happy manopause

We treat a variety of pelvic health conditions such as incontinence, urgency, pregnancy, post natal, peri and menopause and provide personalised gyneagology physiotherapy. 

Just because something is normal doesn't mean you have to live with it

and we are hear to help. 

Phits plus Custom Orthotics


It all starts from the ground up! Our elite custom orthotics service can help with the alignment of your feet hips, knees which can offload your back and improve endurance during day to day and impactful activity. The results are facilitated by the screening.

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