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Fit2Go Physiotherapy West Bridgford

About Fit2Go

Welcome to our premier Physiotherapy Clinics, where we elevate your healthcare experience with advanced ttreatments like Injection Therapy, Tecar Therapy and Shockwave Therapy, along with Ultrasound Imaging and much more. Whether you need rehabilitation, sports injury treatment, or nutritional advice, our dedicated team offers personalised solutions and personalised medical treatments for individual needs.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes Tailored Medication plans, Psychotherapy, RTT Hypnotherapy, Orthotics and Women's Health Services. Combining expertise with

state-of-the-art technology, we prioritise your journey to wellness.

Discover a healthier, more active lifestyle with us,

where your health is in good hands.


Fit2Go Wellness and Rehabilitation West Bridgford


We've developed a unique Body MOT service that sits at the center of what we do!

It highlights 28 areas of the Body and rates their risk of injury on a traffic light system.

The advice given is as unique as you and our team uses this information along with industry leading technology to guide you towards the peak of your physical fitness and wellbeing.

We don't just want to paint you 'GREEN' we want to paint Nottingham 'GREEN' and one day the world 'GREEN'

We are your One Stop Shop for your journey to better health.

Fit2Go Body Screen West Bridgford


The Fit2Go software is used to help track your response to the treatment given. It also allows you to keep a record of all the diagnosis and treatment you have received from our team.


We also have exclusive services such as Tailored Meds, Body Screen and Team Screen that are powered by the software that helps tailor your treatment for an overall better outcome.

All our response rates are visible leading to absolute transparency and trust in our service from start to finish.

Wherever your journey starts we are there for you using the most advanced evidence based treatments and innovative services available.

Fit2Go Physiotherapy West Bridgford
Fit2Go Physiotherapy Services West Bridgford


Yes it is! Whoever you are and what ever you do Fit2Go can help you live your life to it's full potential. Our easy to use software is designed to give tailored advice from ages 13-100+ and all advice given can be printed out or is available to view on the App (recommended).

Our screening services progress with your agility meaning it is always safe and tailored to your ability. 

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