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Shoulder Vicissitudes: Exploring the enigmatic realm of instability and why physiotherapy is good for your shoulder pain

Let's engage in a discourse on shoulders – those unparalleled joints that bestow upon us the liberty to extend a peace sign or effortlessly retrieve a snack tucked away in the recesses of a cupboard.
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Yet, intriguingly, they also embody the role of mischief-makers, particularly the glenohumeral joint nestled between the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone (humerus).

These joints, akin to virtuoso musicians, grant us the ability to articulate our arms in myriad fashions. In collaboration with the elbow, they underpin the very essence of our daily activities, from lifting objects to extending a friendly wave. However, the conundrum lies in the fact that such unbridled liberty comes at a price. The glenohumeral joint emerges as the prodigious renegade of joints, disproportionately susceptible to dislocation—a potential party spoiler of the highest order.

To maintain the equilibrium of our shoulders, an entire cohort of stabilizers, both static and dynamic, assumes the responsibility.

Shoulder Anatomy
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The joint capsule, ligaments, muscles, and tendons form a collaborative alliance, ensuring the arm bone remains centered within the joint, irrespective of the audacious movements we may indulge in. Nevertheless, life unfolds, and these stabilisers may bear the brunt of trauma or overuse, ushering in scenarios of subluxation, dislocation, and a recurrent cycle of instability.

For those who have weathered a formidable blow or find themselves in the nascent chapters of life, swift intervention may be paramount to stave off further detriment.


Schowave treatment
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Instability, it appears, comes in various guises. Trauma, especially in the realm of sports, often serves as the instigator, leaving an enduring imprint resistant to complete healing; sports injuries can be stubborn and require immediate attention and follow up with sports massage and specific care.Conversely, micro-traumas surreptitiously infiltrate our lives through overexertion, potentially wreaking havoc on the shoulder joint, tendons, or even introducing arthritis into the narrative. Let us not overlook the congenital rebels—multi-directional instabilities, inherently predisposed, eschewing the need for a traumatic genesis.

When shoulders commence their rebellious performance, it behooves us to summon the specialists. A seasoned physiotherapist or even better a physiotherapy multidisciplinary team, astute in their field, will meticulously scrutinise for telltale signs of instability. In a bid to corroborate findings, they might employ cutting-edge diagnostics such as ultrasound diagnosis, X-rays, MRIs, or even a 3D CT scan.

Navigating the labyrinth of rectifying these shoulder antics proves to be a nuanced endeavor. It parallels a choose-your-own-adventure narrative, where the course of treatment hinges upon variables such as the nature of instability, age, functional requirements, and accompanying issues.

Alternatively, a more composed and conservative approach might be warranted. This typically entails a robust rehabilitation regimen, where collaboration with physiotherapists becomes pivotal in realigning these rebellious joints. Occasionally, therapeutic augmentation via injection therapy or shockwave therapy may be incorporated for an added dimension in pain alleviation.

In instances of more severe afflictions, the theatrical stage may shift to surgery. The nature of the surgical intervention varies, encompassing restoration of the joint, capsule, ligaments, or tendons—a bona fide makeover for the shoulder.

Crucially, regardless of the chosen trajectory, success pivots upon the symbiotic alliance between the individual and their physiotherapist. They emerge as the unsung heroes, steering one through the undulating terrain of shoulder rehabilitation. Consequently, if your shoulders embark on a mutiny, it is time to enlist the experts and collaborate towards the restoration of shoulders that echo their freedom-loving, trouble-free nature.


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