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The most important start to your journey is an accurate 'Diagnosis' we have options for straight forward injuries and complex injuries.


We use standard tests used in musculoskeletal practice to diagnose your problem. We have years of experience so this is the first point of call for the majority of injuries.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Image showing specialist service

(£79 - 30 mins)

This service is for more complex cases or for cases that have not responded to conservative treatment. This service is run by our Consultant Physiotherapists who use ultrasound imaging along with specialist testing to aid their diagnosis. They also have access to MRI imaging and perform specialist procedures if required.

Performing Surgery

Sometimes conservative treatment fails and the best course of action is surgical intervention. We have in house orthopedic consultants to talk you through the next steps with links to Spire, The Park and Woodthorpe Hospital. All your pre and post surgical rehabilitation will be done at Fit2Go for the best possible outcome.

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