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We screen all our patients before their personal training sessions.

This helps us to avoid over loading weak areas and maximizes results by tailoring our programs to you. We are the only clinic in the

UK providing this level of service and the results are amazing!


1 x Performance Conditioning Session

Intense Training

1 x Body Screen (1hr)

2 x Performance Conditioning Sessions (1hr each 6 weeks apart)


The pitfalls of Gym Injuries and how our New Package is the Ultimate Game-Changer!


In the pursuit of fitness, we've all heard the phrase "no pain, no gain." However, what if we told you that not all pain is a sign of progress? In the world of gym enthusiasts and sports aficionados, injuries have become an unfortunate byproduct of pushing one's limits. From strained muscles to freezing gym memberships, the road to a chiseled physique can be littered with pitfalls.

Enter the era of revolutionary fitness solutions – a game-changer that aims not only to transform your body but to safeguard it from unnecessary setbacks. It's time to bid farewell to the days of injuries, de-conditioning, and stalled progress. Welcome to the future of fitness with our cutting-edge package that utilizes the Body Screen and elite-level monitoring equipment to tailor advice uniquely to you.


The Hidden Dangers of Faulty Performance:

Picture this: you're at the gym, determined to conquer your fitness goals. You load up the bar, start lifting, and suddenly – an ominous twinge in your back. Before you know it, you're nursing an injury that not only hampers your progress but sends your motivation plummeting. Faulty performance, whether due to improper form or overexertion, can turn your fitness journey into a nightmare.

Membership Freeze: The Silent Consequence:

Gym injuries not only take a toll on your body but also on your wallet. A sidelined gym-goer is often left with no choice but to freeze their membership, watching their hard-earned money just disappear. The frustration mounts as you sit on the sidelines, unable to partake in the activities you love.


Deconditioning – The Unwanted Setback:

Injuries not only halt progress but can also lead to de-conditioning. The momentum you built over weeks or months dissipates, and you find yourself back at square one. It's a frustrating setback that can demoralise even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

The Game-Changer – Tailored Fitness with Body Screen:

Now, imagine a fitness programme that's not just a one-size-fits-all routine. Our new package utilizes the Body Screen, a state-of-the-art technology that analyses your body's specific needs and vulnerabilities. No more generic advice that may lead to injuries – every workout is tailored to maximise results while minimising the risk of harm.

Elite-Level Monitoring Equipment for Peak Performance:

In the pursuit of excellence, monitoring is key. Our package employs elite-level monitoring equipment to track your progress in real-time. Whether it's lung volumes, heart rate, sats, muscle engagement, balance or postural compensations, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your workouts are not just effective but also safe.


Unleash Your Potential:

The gym shouldn't be a battlefield where injuries lurk at every corner. With our cutting-edge package, you can unleash your potential without fear of setbacks. Say goodbye to frozen memberships, injuries, and de-conditioning. Embrace a fitness journey where every step is carefully guided by technology designed to make you stronger, fitter, and injury-free.

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