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It's then important to select the correct 'Treatment'

based on your accurate diagnosis.

We have treatments for sudden pain all the way to long term pain. 

Physiotherapy image

(£52 - 30 mins)

This treatment involves a variety of hands-on treatment methods to help relieve pain and restore function to the joint or soft tissue. This includes massage, passive stretching, traction, joint mobilisations and K-taping where appropriate.

Acupuncture image

Acupuncture is great for acute pain relief and inflammation as well as long term pain particularly driven by anxiety. This treatment can aid rehabilitation and restore mobility to a variety of joints.

Sports Massage image

(£45 - 30 mins £65 -1hr)

This treatment is for tight muscles and helps restore tissue health by breaking down knots in the muscle to restore function and relieve pain.

Sometimes your injury doesn't respond to conservative treatment and we need to use a more specialist treatment to help you with your pain.

Tecar Therapy Image

(£72 - 30 mins)

Commonly used in Elite Sport this technology is now at the Fit2Go Clinic. This technology creates a diathermic effect that speeds up healing and metabolism of cells for healing twice as fast as massage alone.

Steroid Injection

(£250 - £399)

Injection Therapy is a great way of helping with inflammation as well as regenerating joint. We have a variety of injection therapies suitable for a variety of injuries and conditions. All injections are done using ultrasound guidance for improved accuracy. Click on the picture above for more information.

Shockwave therapy image

(£72 - 30 mins)

This treatment is now the gold standard for any chronic tendon injuries that contain excessive ‘scar tissue’ that is limiting function and causes pain. Shockwave Therapy instantaneously strips away the scar tissue allowing the tendon to regenerate.

Tailored Meds image

(£30 - £50 depending on package)

This service is exclusive to Fit2Go and utilises complex algorithms that look at the exact mechanisms of your pain and then designs a medication package tailored to your injury. This results in improved outcomes and reduces over medication. The medication can be collected from your local pharmacy on the same day.

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