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Once we have tackled your pain it's time to focus on the main cause of your symptoms. This often involves looking for muscle imbalances by closely assessing the

strength and function of important muscles.

Fit2Go Physiotherapy West Bridgford uses the latest technology to help us with this.

Rehabilitation image

(£52 - 30 mins)

We can design tailored exercise programmes based on the main cause of your injury. We use the latest ‘Telehab’ system with video tutorials and monitoring features to help with efficacy and adherence.

Force Decks image

(£52 - 30 mins)

This technology helps us to assess and monitor responses to treatment. This helps us guide you to a quick recovery. The technology is also used in our ‘Team Screen’ service.

Footscan image

(£52 - 30 mins)

A lot of injury’s start from the feet as the way you walk or stand says a lot about how much load you place on your muscles and joints. This technology is used alongside treatment and rehabilitation to monitor improvement. It is also integrated within our ‘Body Screen.’

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