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Initial Assessment 1hr £85 Follow Up 1hr £75

We treat a variety of pelvic health conditions such as incontinence, urgency, pregnancy, post natal, peri and menopause and provide specialised and personalised gyneacology physiotherapy as well as pelvic health physiotherapy and menopause rehab physiotherapy. Just because something is normal doesn't mean you have to live with it and we are hear to help. 

We treat urgency incontinence, stress incontinence including prolapses. Using a tailored treatment plan around your symptoms and your goals. Not only looking at your pelvic floor strength but all the muscles around your pelvic and breathing pattern and getting you back to feeling like you again.


Issues treated include pregnancy related musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica. To help you have the pregnancy you want and preparing your body for birth. Pregnancy physiotherapy can empower you with knowledge before your birth and give advice on what to do in the first weeks post partum.

We can help you get safely back to the exercises you love without any risk to your pelvic floor. We can offer a postnatal body check as well as checking your posture, abdominal (diastatis recti) and pelvic floor assessment which will give you back the confidence in your body following the birth of your child.

Post Natal Physiotherapy

We understand how your body changes during the menopause and how standardised fitness programs can be counter productive. We can guide you to better health by monitoring these factors and optimising your fitness through a tailored and educated approach to your care.

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