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Finally it's time to really look after your Body and Mind which will help you feel better as well as look better. Our wellness services range from psychotherapy to nutritional advice,

podietry and womens health. 

Psychological Support image


We understand the impact that the mind has on the Body and often by treating the mind this helps offload the Body which leads to an improvement in fitness and overall wellbeing. We have a variety of services available which are facilitated by the screening.

elite sports performance


Sometimes there are barriers to performance and recovery. Hypnotherapy can help address the unconscious drivers of these and bring them to light to overcome the barriers

Nutritional Advice image


Do you ever think how you are fueling your Body? Can this be improved? The chances are it can and this will improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. The advice given is facilitated by the results of the screening

Physcotherapy for a happy manopause


We treat a variety of pelvic health conditions such as incontinence, urgency, pregnancy, post natal, peri and menopause. Just because something is normal doesn't mean you have to live with it and we are hear to help. 

Phits plus image


It all starts from the ground up! Our elite custom orthotics service can help with the alignment of your feet hips, knees which can offload your back and improve endurance during day to day and impactful activity. The results are facilitated by the screening.

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