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Charlotte Fullam Therapist


Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I am so excited you have made your first step toward overcoming your issues, entirely, and permanently!! 

My mission is clear, to bring you rapid success through using techniques that I know work, that will be life changing and permanent.

Having a background in sport psychology, coaching within a top 10 pharmaceutical company and diploma and teaching in hypnobirthing, I came to realise that every issue that occurs in a person’s life whether it’s physical or psychological, stems from their mind.  A person's unresolved issues they have with themselves or others can often halt or slow down any physical or mental healing.

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This led me to became fascinated with the mind-body connection. I became passionate about wanting to find a therapy that would enable rapid healing and offer long-lasting freedom from not only psychological, but emotional and physical pain as well. I always knew I was destined for this but it took having my three boys and having time to reflect on maternity leave to motivate me into doing something about it.  That is when I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy and after becoming a certified RTT Therapist and Hypnotherapist, I am still astounded by the incredible results that I witness.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed RTT practitioner.  I am trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy, a technique developed by Marisa Peer who is the world renowned and highly acclaimed therapist.

RTT Hypnotherapy can improve a plethora of issues, such as performance in business and sport, give you freedom from anxiety and depression, overcome phobias and fire up your motivation. RTT has achieved great success in overcoming certain health problems and addictions, and has been proven to be highly effective in clients achieving their desired healthy weight goals.

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I love sport!  Do I need to say anymore? Well maybe just a little!  I have a BSc and MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and did supervised work for English Institute of Sport, BASES (British Sport and Exercise Science), County Cricket Clubs, Premiership Rugby Clubs, European Golfers, and First Division Football teams.  Following a change of career, I have come back to my passion to use RTT to help in the world of sport and exercise. 


RTT can help in two clearly defined ways.  Firstly to identify and target Repetitive Sports Performance Problems stuck in the athlete’s subconscious mind and releases them.  Secondly, with the support of epigenetics and neuroscience, RTT utilises a technique called Cell Command Therapy to aid recovery.


Self worth, self esteem, self confidence all fall under the umbrella of feeling 'not enough'.  RTT can help you build your self worth, making sure you know and believe 'you are enough'.


I  trained in hypnobirthing following the birth of my first son.  When I was 39 weeks I decided to read a hypnobirthing book and immediately regretted not doing it sooner!  When pregnant with my second child I went on to gain a diploma in hypnobirthing, I did this with a 1yr old, working full time and being pregnant; and yet it felt easy, I was so passionate about helping other women learn what I had it was never a case of waiting for the right time, but I need to do this now!  I then experienced the most empowering birth with my second son, everything I had learned was put into practice and my confidence soared.  I have since gone onto have another son, yet another very different birth experience, another significantly self empowering moment in my life.  

When couples book with me I am able to offer them the accredited hypnobirthing course.  I do not recommend RTT when pregnant, however, personalised transformational audios have huge success for ladies with specific issues.  Many ladies choose to come back post partum for the whole RTT experience.


I'm always happy to help. Let's connect.

0115 773 7560

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