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Stella Hade Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist


Stella Jade is an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, who in addition to running her own practice, works along Marisa Peer herself (the creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)) to train others in using this extraordinary therapy.

RTT is an incredibly powerful therapy that enables clients, with the help of their therapist, to discover the root cause behind the issue(s) that they are currently living with. During the session, clients reframe the root cause, freeing themselves from it, and as a result freeing themselves from the issue it was causing.  

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Stella began working as a Biology Teacher, where early in her teaching career, she realised that many students would be drawn to seek her advice and guidance on a variety of issues that extended beyond the science curriculum; more often than not, these issues would be centered around anxiety and sleep. Having first-hand experience of these types of issues herself, Stella felt she could provide pastoral support and empathy, but very little beyond.

The realisation of this gap gave Stella the drive and motivation to qualify as a Rapid Transformational Therapist specialising in anxiety and sleep issues. She subsequently trained to be a trainer of Rapid Transformational Therapy and teaches this face-to-face and online to students from across the globe.
Furthermore, having worked as a Children's Sleep and Anxiety Practitioner for many years at the Nottingham based charity Imara CIO, Stella has much experience in working with sexual abuse trauma and helping to free her clients from the extreme anxiety and sleep disturbances that are often a symptom of this trauma.

Knowing that not all clients are not quite ready to dive as deep as RTT takes you, Stella further qualified as a Children’s Sleep Practitioner and is now trained in a variety of other therapeutic modalities including: Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  As a result, Stella now uses a holistic approach that teaches her clients, both adults and children, the very same knowledge and tools that led to her own recovery many years ago.


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